Little Hopes Homes is a dream that I have had for a very, very long time. Real estate and home design have been my passion and obsession for as long as I can remember. It brings me so much joy to find new ways to transform outdated items. I am on a constant treasure hunt for pieces that I can restore. And then using those items to transform an outdated living space, discovering the beauty hidden underneath. It is such a satisfying and fulfilling process that truly does bring me so much satisfaction! I have spent countless hours designing spaces, that I have yet to create. I am beyond excited to get started sharing these ideas! The thought of being able to help others, with the skills that I have learned, sounds like the best possible way I could spend my time.

   I sincerely understand how important your home is to you, and the trust involved in this process. Home projects are often overwhelming, stressful, and expensive! Not only that, but whoever designs your space needs to understand your specific style and needs. It can feel like a major chore to find reliable help. We have been through it ourselves, many times! Our goal is simple, to help you with whatever you need for your home. Our service options vary greatly, based on your needs.  Maybe you are thinking about selling your house, but you’re not sure where to start? I can help with everything, from consulting, to packing and painting. We then finish it off with beautiful home décor staging, to help get your home sold quickly. These changes make a big impact for potential buyers! Or maybe you just want an updated, new look in your home? We are happy to customize a design plan that fits your needs and budget. We hope for our services to be easy, enjoyable and helpful for you and your family.

    A little background on our name story: we had our first, and only, girl a year and a half ago. Our sweet little bear, who we named “Claire Hope.” I had dreamed of her for many years before she came to us. Her middle name, Hope, is named after her Grandmother. “Little Hopes Homes” is named after her and her big brother Jacob. They have brought so much hope and light into our lives. They are our “Little Hopes” and dreams. We want to create something meaningful and fulfilling, for them and for us, with their inspiration as our guide. For me, this means following my dreams and passion, showing them that you should always follow where your heart leads you. Even if they are only “little” hopes to start, they will someday be big dreams come true.